Dave Haddad

In my experience, Kaces makes solid gear, it’s functional and visually pleasing.  I have the drum carpet (KPDR6) and a Kaces hardware bag (KPHD-46W) and both are holding up nicely.  My hardware bags get a lot of heavy and strenuous use and it’s been no exception with my KPHD-46W, I use this bag often and it hardly shows any sign of wear!  The bag is made with heavy fabric that is holding up to the rigors of carting drum hardware which has many objects that pose a puncture threat.  So far not one hole, tear or rip has occurred.  The bag is light weight but sturdy.  The wheels are heavy duty and not overly large which is good.  It rolls well on a hard surfaces, the handles are well placed and comfortable on your hands even with the substantial weight you may be carrying.

Dave Haddad is a veteran drummer (living in the Los Angeles area) with extensive experience in live performance and session work. He is a passionate performer on stage and has proven his durability and skill with many world tours. He is versed and comfortable in all western styles of music, however his exploration into ethnic and multi-cultural music has made Dave a more diverse and enriched drummer. With his unlimited musicality, exceptional reading skills, incredible energy and great time and groove, Dave Haddad is the driving force that you can count on with every performance. 

As owner operator of The Womb Recording Studio, Dave is more than just a drummer; he is a composer and producer with several CD releases of his own under the name "CenterPeace". These production and sound skills combined with his abilities on the drums and David Haddad has emerged as one of today's "go-to" musicians for recording and/or live drums.

Website: http://www.davehaddad.com

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