The Sorry Lot

The Sorry Lot is a nine piece Irish Folk and Ballad band from Napa, California. Playing many traditional instruments, from banjo and fiddle to accordion and tin whistle, they deliver lively renditions of traditional Irish drinking songs, as well as a few modern ballads and original tunes, while keeping the music true to it's roots in the pubs and bars of Ireland.

Birthed from a passion for Irish Folk music, and named after a snarky comment from a British bartender, The Sorry Lot formed in 2007 as a St. Patrick's Day side-project with members from several local bands. The energy and showmanship of their punkrock and reggae backgrounds certainly came through, but the music was all Irish. The project quickly became the main focus as more members were recruited and a desire grew to perform year-round.

The Sorry Lot can now be seen playing regularly at pubs and Breweries in and around their hometown, and are constantly expanding their library of traditional and original songs.

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