Chris Locke (Under Blackened Skies)

"My Kaces Grafix Pinup cases are the best hard cases I have ever owned. Hard wearing, practical but most importantly they make me the most stylish musician at any gig."


After being introduced to heavy metal and hard rock bands like Metallica, Queen and Def Leppard early in my life, it wasn't until I was introduced to bands like KoRn, Living Colour, RATM and Faith No More that my interest in learning to play the guitar was peaked.


I started to learn guitar at 14 mostly jamming to Rancid and Pennywise songs before moving onto playing bands like Deftones, Tool and KoRn later on. This was followed by my true love - the grunge music of bands like STP, AIC, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

My love of music spreads wider than playing the guitar as I also enjoy playing the piano, drums and ukulele.

I am currently one of the guitarists in melodic death metal band Under Blackened Skies who are currently making waves on the underground UK metal scene having recently played with Scar Symmetry, being included on legendary Judas Priest guitarist K K Downing's first shows as a promoter billed as The Future Of Metal and also receiving praise from Kerrang Radio's head of music Loz Guest who described UBS as "Big chunky riffs, tight musicianship and heavy as hell".