Kaces makes “Guitars Not Guns” road trip.


Like the Petaluma Phoenix Theatre event we covered for you in a previous blog, Kaces took one more amazing journey to another non-profit event that captures the power of making music to help kids. The organization is called “Guitars Not Guns” and you can see a better shot of their Acousticar and learn more about how you can help by clicking HERE. – Meanwhile, stay tuned for new video covering a Guitars Not Guns graduation ceremony featuring a live band of 12 to 14 year old kids, a gaggle of proud parents, and a surprise announcement from the dedicated music instructors who make it all happen.

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  1. Thank you so much for your awesome support! Our gola is to help stop violence in schools and on the streets by providing a music program for at risk teens and other deserving children. We want to divert as many children as possible from the self-destructive behaviors of drugs, alcohol, crime connected to gang activity. By providing children and teens with guitars and lessons. we hope to engage their creative potential. It’s all about helping underpriveleged kids and teens. Music bring happiness! Also check out: myspace.com/guitarsnotgunsca – Barbara Gorin, VP Fundraising California Chapter, Contra Costa County

  2. You guys rock. Years ago I bought an “Ace’s Kaces” padded butterscotch colored gig bag for one of my acoustic guitars. I still have it. It is the only acoustic guitar gig bag I have ever owned (and I own eight made by various manufacturers. I also store gig bags donated to, and purchased by, the Contra Costa County Chapter of Guitars not Guns) that constantly draws admiring comments

    When I saw the quality of the gig bags Ace Products donated to the GnG kids I can’t help but wish all my gig bags were Ace’s Kaces.

  3. Thanks Randall. Wish we could do more but I suppose every little bit helps. – JM!

  4. Thanks Barbara. Stay tuned for more coverage. You guys are an inspiration to kids everywhere. – JM!

  5. Hey , I have just posted something similar about Kaces makes “Guitars Not Guns” road trip. at Kaces Korner on my web site a week ago. How little is the net 🙂

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