Polyfoam R Us

Here’s our NAMM exhibit in all it’s glory. – You are looking at our wall of new polyfoam cases with beyond luggage-grade zippers. The nice thing about polyfoam is lighter weight than standard hard plastic cases while offering better protection. The bullet-proof zippers make them the better choice for school music dealers, band directors and, most importantly, end users who want to give their instruments the best possible protection. – We are working on some fun video from the show floor… coming soon. – Stay tuned.


Welcome to Winter NAMM 2009

Greetings from the Anaheim NAMM show!

It’s Alan, Brett, Dave, Tim and myself running two exhibits and stretched as thin as air… but loving every minute. I’ll do my level best to post some new photos DURING the show. If that’s not possible, you will certainly be getting new product info and videos soon after.

Stay tuned.


Another Best of Show! Booth #5968

NAMM conventions are always a trip, regardless of who shows up. With Kaces, our lust for creativity spills out onto the exhibit floor, and adds a tad more trippiness by giving visitors something to talk about when they return home.

Last year, it was a fun “step in” wall. This made the MMR Magazine “Best of Show” page by providing the opportunity for show attendees to have their picture taken while “Driving Business” for Kaces.


This year, a new “Wheel of Gifts” will be waiting for attendees, giving buyers the chance to win a Kaces attace bag, lotto tickets, 50 bucks toward dinner and, yes, even a FREE LUNCH!

Cookie Cutter Girl carves a nitch

Music Connection Magazine and Kaces have become fast friends.

Kaces gives away cool product through the Music Connection FRIDAY FREEBIE program and winners like Cookie Cutter Girl reap the benefits. This lady was a winner long before she got involved with Kaces, however. She’s carving out an unforgettable “Pop Super Hero” image and making great gains with her musical career.

We’re proud to be associated with the genius that is Cookie Cutter Girl! Her web site is a fun romp and we encourage you to head there after reviewing our latest blogs.


Special thank to Music Connection magazine. If you are serious about your music, the Music Connection web site is also well worth a visit.

My First Experience w/ the Lap Top/Rack Case

I just spent the holiday weekend playing out with my new Kaces lap top/rack bag and want to tell you how it has made my life so much easier.

I like to bring my Mac with me and just let it roll on Garageband so we might capture some of the better tunes for our next CD. My partner keeps his guitar in a Reunion Blues bag with a big outside pocket, where we would normally stash my computer, but I have always been a little skittery about taking it out and sitting it on the piano (or anywhere else) for fear of it getting damaged. – It’s also always been a hassel hooking it up and keeping track of the cables.

No worries now that I have this new Kaces bag, because it’s actually MADE for just such an application. We use the rack space for our powered mixer, hook everything up BEFORE leaving for the gig, and I just sit everything on top of the piano, open the top, and push the GO button.

One more advantage that I discovered is that I don’t have to worry now about my lap top getting damaged while sittiing out there on its own, because it’s now surrounded by foam padding and attached to a stable base that you would have to almost knock of the piano on purpose to put in harm’s way.
If you have a lap top that you would use on the gig more if you knew it was safer and a lot more convenient… I highly reccomend the new KPRC series.   – Happy New Year!


Avon HS wins Bands of America Grand Nationals!

As one of the world’s premier makers of polyfoam cases for band instruments, Kaces is a strong advocate of music making in the schools. We believe playing music is essential to a well-rounded education, and we love it when we hear success stories about hard-working high school bands who lead the way. Such is the case with Indiana’s Avon HS, who won top honors at this year’s Bands of America Grand Nationals.

You can view one of their incredible routines by clicking here.


The Bands of America Grand National Championships is recognized as the premier marching band event in the nation. Ninety bands from across America participated this year, including some of the finest, most progressive bands in the activity today.

All of us at Kaces would like to congratulate those hard-working Avon Orioles for a job well done!

Kaces Donates to the Phoenix Theatre Center

We want you to know about a fantastic place for young rockers to study, hang out, skate and learn about the music business. It’s called the Phoenix Theatre Center. Kaces is donating some very cool hard shell guitar cases to these good people for a fund raiser in collaboration with the Gibson Foundation.

It’s a Guitar Gala that will feature approximately 20 guitars (donated by the Gibson Foundation) and wrapped in a Kaces “Old Glory” hardshell case. Each guitar will be artistically customized by local and nationally recognized visual artists, musicians and celebrities. These one-of-a-kind  ‘art guitars’  will be brought to the Phoenix for an open gallery showing,  after which they will be auctioned off online.    

Artists already committed to this Guitar Gala project include: George Lucas, Devo, Seth Green of Robot Chicken, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, Les Claypool of Primus, Jack Haye, Michael Garlington, Chris Jahly, Anna Oneglia, Lia May-Bird, Jerod Powell, Josh Staples and Jason Jenkins.

100% of the proceeds will be dedicated to supporting thefree-of-charge after-school music, theater and arts programs for at-risk youth of the North Bay.

Stay tuned for more details about how you can participate and possibly win one of these great guitar outfits.