Kaces makes “Guitars Not Guns” road trip.


Like the Petaluma Phoenix Theatre event we covered for you in a previous blog, Kaces took one more amazing journey to another non-profit event that captures the power of making music to help kids. The organization is called “Guitars Not Guns” and you can see a better shot of their Acousticar and learn more about how you can help by clicking HERE. – Meanwhile, stay tuned for new video covering a Guitars Not Guns graduation ceremony featuring a live band of 12 to 14 year old kids, a gaggle of proud parents, and a surprise announcement from the dedicated music instructors who make it all happen.

Phoenix Theatre & Pelican Art Gallery display first Kaces w/Gibson SGs

A while back, we told you about how Kaces was collaborating with the Petaluma Phoenix Theatre and the Gibson Foundation to auction 20 artist-painted Gibson guitars (cradled in Kaces Old Glory hardshell cases). –  The guitars are now coming in and the time has come for the downtown Petaluma merchants to display them in their front windows, in preparation for an online auction and Gala event on February 28


Check out this picture! – Our good friends at the Pelican Art Gallery were the first to incorporate the artist-commissioned Kaces “Old Glory” guitar cases in their window display. – Watch for more, coming soon!