Good Tools for Good Usage: What is SoundBlend?

Now that we live in an age where musicians can collaborate across continents using crowdsourcing platforms like Kompoz, a whole new world of music engagement must blossom and develop. New questions are arising every day, such as who owns this music and how to distribute it, and how to support the artists who create it. Cue, SoundBlend.

SoundBlend is a music sales website that deals solely with crowdsourced music made independently by musicians all over the world using the Kompoz platform. On SoundBlend, you can listen to, purchase, and license music by these independent artists. Much of the music you encounter there will be created by collaborators who have never even met in person. The drummer may be from Japan while the pianist hails from Iceland. This new global music culture is a wonder to behold. One of the special things about SoundBlend is that is allows these independent musicians from all over the world to share the revenue of their creations. And it allows people all over the world to support independent music and musicians. SoundBlend makes it easy, handles the mess, and makes sure the artists get paid. Buying on SoundBlend is a great way to discover and patronize independent music artists.

To buy music on SoundBlend, you can download songs individually in high-quality 256kbps MP3 format, which usually cost $0.99. You can also license songs, royalty free, starting at $1.99. There is even an option to purchase the complete rights to music so that it becomes yours to own, record, and distribute.

If you want to sell your music on SoundBlend, you need to know that SoundBlend is a feature of Kompoz and all the music sold on SoundBlend is created there. Luckily, you can create on Kompoz for free. Check out our articles on using Kompoz for more information on how to create music to sell on SoundBlend. You can upload a track for complete strangers from all over the world to collaborate on, upload tracks privately to work on with your close friends, or contribute your skills to someone else’s composition. Once the piece is done, Kompoz makes it easy to divvy up the revenue percentages and license your music with traditional copyright or creative commons by guiding you every step of the way. Once that’s done, listing it for sale on SoundBlend is as easy as clicking a button.

If your mission is to discover new music, the SoundBlend platform has a nifty search feature that lets you choose the degree of darkness vs. positivity and energy vs. calm that you want in the music by sliding a little icon around on a graph. When you search this way, you get mixed genres and a little icon displays the genre of each tune in the list. You can also filter by genre if you want to be more specific. When a project is started on Kompoz, the creator is encouraged to choose some “album art,” or a picture that represents the mood of the piece. So, the songs are displayed in a grid, each with their own little photo, the price, and the genre listed, as well as an option to see more info, and, of course, you can listen to a sample.

They also have a “trending” feed that can be categorized by “Top Sellers”,” Most Listened To”, and ”Most Liked”, over the last 7, 14, 30, or 90 days.

If you’re passionate about supporting or contributing to the world of internationally crowd-sourced, independent music, definitely check out SoundBlend and Kompoz. And take a look at our Kompoz articles!

Guest Post by Allie Mazon