Kaces Crash Pad named as top pick in Product Advisor's Drum Rug guide.

The Kaces Crash pad drum rug has been mentioned as a top drum rug on Product Advisor's article: "The Best Drum Rug: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide"

ProductAdvisor is a product research website started with the goal of making it easier to find the best products in life. Through extensive market investigation and expert review, they create comprehensive buyer’s guides on a wide variety of topics so that you can easily find the top products across hundreds of different categories.

Product Advisor ranked the different drum rugs using 3 different criteria:

  • Materials
  • Non-slip protection
  • Price

They then went into detail on the different features that were unique to the KCP-5:

"A unique feature you get with this rug is the covered wooden stop bar. This tiny component was designed to give you another solid barrier that prevents the kick drum from moving around, both on the mat and with the mat."

"When it comes to its size when folded, the KCP-5 becomes pretty compact. It uses a very similar method of folding as the On Stage model. If you are wondering whether or not you can just throw this thing into your gear bag, the answer is a solid yes."

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