My First Experience w/ the Lap Top/Rack Case

I just spent the holiday weekend playing out with my new Kaces lap top/rack bag and want to tell you how it has made my life so much easier.

I like to bring my Mac with me and just let it roll on Garageband so we might capture some of the better tunes for our next CD. My partner keeps his guitar in a Reunion Blues bag with a big outside pocket, where we would normally stash my computer, but I have always been a little skittery about taking it out and sitting it on the piano (or anywhere else) for fear of it getting damaged. - It's also always been a hassel hooking it up and keeping track of the cables.

No worries now that I have this new Kaces bag, because it's actually MADE for just such an application. We use the rack space for our powered mixer, hook everything up BEFORE leaving for the gig, and I just sit everything on top of the piano, open the top, and push the GO button.

One more advantage that I discovered is that I don't have to worry now about my lap top getting damaged while sittiing out there on its own, because it's now surrounded by foam padding and attached to a stable base that you would have to almost knock of the piano on purpose to put in harm's way.
If you have a lap top that you would use on the gig more if you knew it was safer and a lot more convenient... I highly reccomend the new KPRC series.   - Happy New Year!